Architectural Illustration ‘Digital Watercolor’ Technique by Scott Baumberger

I stumbled upon Scott Baumberger’s website today and found these very nice making of slide-shows he made about his ‘Digital Watercolor’ technique using SketchUP and a 3d model as a base for a 2d photoshop workflow to create a watercolor style illustration. Very interesting to see the his process.

Making of USC Village architectural illustration

[slideshare id=3606150&doc=100331slideshow-100331143805-phpapp02]

Making of EGWW

[slideshare id=2974204&doc=100122slideshow-100122130834-phpapp02]

Making of St. Paul’s

[slideshare id=2458991&doc=stpauls-091109115907-phpapp01]

Making of Mountain Lodge

[slideshare id=2014855&doc=baldmountain-090917190225-phpapp02]
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  1. Joshessel
    Joshessel says:

    It would be great if you could get Scott Baumberger to give us an idea of how he creates these images. They look fantastic.

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