Making of Urban Plaza

I came to know Jeremy Kay and his work following a comment he made on the Hand Made by MATERICA D_SIGN post. I immediately liked his hybrid approach and style of visualization, using SketchUP as the modeling tool and then doing all the rest within Photoshop in a painterly kind of way. Visiting his portfolio I find that his images have a unique look and feel to them, and I asked him to share his process of creating one of them. You’ll find that this approach, done right, offers fast production times with a lot of flexibility and freedom in the creation process. You don’t even need much to start with to get a great result coming out, and you can easily develop a style of your own that will differentiate your visuals from all others out there.

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Making of CityLIFE’s ‘Metabolic City’ by Jean-Marc Emy

The first of the CityLIFE Challenge making-of articles is here! Done by the Grand Prize Winner, Jean-Marc Emy will describe the process of creating his ‘Metabolic City’ scene which is rooted deeply within the concepts of the Japanese Metabolic architecture stream and relies heavily on 2d post production techniques. I hope you’ll enjoy this article, learn from it and share your thoughts by commenting at the bottom of this article’s page.

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8 Hybrid 2D/3D Rendering Technique Videos by Les Chylinski

2D/3D Hybrid rendering technique are really interesting, although I don’t have too many clients that prefer or ask for it, there are many things to learn that can transfer to a more photo-real inclined workflow. I previously posted about the ‘Digital Watercolor’ Technique by Scott Baumberger and now I share with you 8 videos done by Minneapolis based architectural visualization artist Les Chylinski. The following videos describe his personal hybrid workflow putting much weight on the use of Photoshop starting with a very basic 3d model rendering, done with SketchUP most of times. Enjoy. Read more