The Fredensborg House / NORM Architects

NORM Architects have recently completed the Fredensborg House near Copenhagen, Denmark. Below you will find a selection of interior photos taken inside the house – super cool “White Supremacy” going on here! and I like it. Even the brick walls and wooden floors have a pale white tendency… not so easy to setup a 3d scene to look like this and blend well all over. I’ll have to try that though.

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  1. Michael Forster
    Michael Forster says:

    Wow, that looks really great. Man, we’re way too much in the 3D-world. Would have sworn, that this is 3D.. I like the way, the man is implemented in the photo. Have to try this as well.

  2. Ryo
    Ryo says:

    Nice pics. It’s a hard work for the photographer as well, tweaking highlights in lightroom (or whatever PP soft), I guess…

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      True… Funny though, as 3d people we tend to add such things to make it look like a photo – and when this is present in a photo it is really not so good!

  3. Philippe Steels
    Philippe Steels says:

    Nice project! I agree on Ryo’s comment though I think the overall set is overexposed. Chiaroscuro is sometimes a good way to go, but contomporary architects tends to avoid shadows like the plague in their illustrations…

  4. artmak
    artmak says:

    I guess we have reached a point in time where it will be hard to decipher which image is real or 3D by just looking at it without any confirmation from the artist or photographer.

  5. tom
    tom says:

    it’s really nice one.

    it was some work for photographer to get those (i don’t see a lot of pics round the web useing this king of technique, just a few projects from denmark), but as far as you try to mimic those with cg it’s pretty hard to do =) I would like learn that.

    Maybe we could open some kind of mini challenge. Gather some reference and have some fun even without prizes – although the best one is going to able to do that, to Laer from every one.

    What do you think?

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      I like your idea very much… though I’m sot sure I follow your last sentence.

      Any others on board this one? We can make this a regular spot on the blog / forums.

  6. tom
    tom says:

    What i scrambled in the end was the idea, that we could learn from each other – that’s the best prize ever =)

    We could make simple exploration of different photographic techniques =) put some reference on the ‘table’ in one thread and get wip in other thread (all in one) maybe even exchangeing files to push each other further explorating the same priciples, but maybe running different render engines =)

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