Interior Design Sketch

Sharing this great video tutorial by Pedro Fernandez from ARQUI9 Visualization. He takes a very simple basic render and sketches it out in Photoshop all the way for a final concept. Pretty cool and fast process… I would consider as a first stage in a more elaborated and long duration project to get things decided without doing all the 3d work related to it.

Enjoy this one!

Gear used :

  • Wacom Intuous 5 Medium
  • 2 Dell 24 IPS Monitors
  • i7 Computer, Geforce 780, 32GB Ram

Here is the final image result…

And look what Pedro started with!

Let me know what you think of this process… is it relevant for you?

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  1. Andreas Pandis
    Andreas Pandis says:

    client will say: ” great, and now… turn the cam a little bit right… more right…STOP… little up… up…up…down…right..OK!”

  2. jmcoucou
    jmcoucou says:

    I was watching at the video and then… all of a sudden… wtf.

    First things first, 
    The person in the room is wearing a coat and a scarf, and the fireplace is burning wood.
    Whatever skills you have using Photoshop on top of a basic rendering, it is a killer in a presentation. Your client will miss the whole point of your picture: space quality/design, …

    Failry good process

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