Tomorrow 2017 Challenge

A new and exciting challenge is about to begin! Tomorrow is looking for the next star for their Stockholm office, and we decided to go about this differently. A Challenge was born, awarding the best submission with 2000 Euro cash prize and a well-paid full-time position at Tomorrow with benefits such as social welfare, exercise bonus, field-trips and most of all become a proud Tomorrow team member.

Your Mission

Your assignment is to create an absolutely stunning interpretation of Tham & Videgård´s Art Museum in Sweden.

The exterior image should be shown from eye level. You are in charge of directing light, shading, composition, design and story after your own liking. We are looking for artists with technical problem-solving skills combined with a strong artistic sense. The image should be natural and realistic rather than over stylized.

Only the building has to follow the architect’s plans. Plans, references, and inspiration can be found on archdaily and here (photography by Lindman Photography) :

For the rendering inspiration, refer to the Maxwell Render “The Museum” Challenge.

We will judge upon creativity, working process and final result.

Deadline & Deliverables

Final submission 1 March 2017, but you are expected to post updates on the Tomorrow Challenge Section that will go live on the blog by Monday 6 February 2017 is already live on the blog!

Pay attention to the fact that all entries are anonymous, until we select the winner.

Please keep to that policy when you write text inside your entries and comment on the updates.

The final works is to be submitted in a 4-page PDF in A4 Landscape Format :

  • page 1 : Final image.
  • page 2 : Your work process, sketches, palette, work in progress.
  • page 3 : Your references for mood, light, composition, props, etc.
  • page 4 : Explain your working progress in words. Step by step, what’s the storyline, how did you break down the process, what difficulties did you have, what would you have done different if you could redo the assignment.


Ronen & Tomorrow 😉


Here is an example for the 4 paged PDF :


  • Phil Ryan

    Excited for this!

  • Domenic Spaziani

    Giving it a shot, too.

  • Maximilien Louguet

    I really don’t understand….

  • JonnyAllen Aren’t you competing for any open position anyway?

  • JonnyAllen As for content suggestions, please send me any ideas / requests you have now using the pink contact button on the bottom right…

  • Dave Buckley

    So effectively the Challenge is only for people looking for a job? Doesn’t that eliminate a huge percentage of your readers/audience? It would be great to have another challenge soon like the GH House/Hover challenges of old

  • dimitrissot

    So just to be clear, the submission is one exterior image of the museum right?

  • sajeellzz

    Confusion is there, Ronen, you want same design for rendering………………..????????

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    This is not instead of the big yearly challenge, but a new thing in the context of the job board of the blog. The BIG one is coming too 😉

  • Dave Buckley

    Sounds good Ronen 🙂

  • Dandi Caballero

    Schmerz Heulen Jebus Castillo somossss

  • franciscojp3d

    to understand this, we need to model from the images of Archdaily?
    No model is provided.

  • dimitrissot Right!

  • franciscojp3d You can use those as reference, as well as the plans, elevations and section provided there, or any other source for that matter that will allow you to model the building. 

    A 3d model is not provided.

  • sajeellzz Only the building has to follow the architect’s plans. All else is up to you.

  • SamyVincent

    So we can change the landscape as much as we want ? You say natural and realistic so if I give it a futurist or post apocalyptic feel for example, is that considered not realistic?

  • Min Sadokha

    they do like “pdf format” don’t they. from their website to this competition. and 4 pages with just one page visual to show our “client”. ? and everyone will be modeling the same thing? it will be very productive if everyone model something different and share them as a community. or the least ToMmorow can do is to provide us the models. and knowing previous recent competition on this blog, u dont even show all submission/submission style for the sake of learning. we all need to learn from each other . 50-50 on this.

  • What about those who are not elegable to work in Stockholm?

  • Min Sadokha

    & plus, 1 month for one competition/ 1 building with one view archviz does not portray how fast track our industry is in reference to this “job posting competition”. i bet the winning candidate have the privilege to finish one job in one month at Tommorow. Congrats to you in advance.

  • Min Sadokha

    design connected ran a similar “job competition” / apprenticeship a few years back. it runs in stages in one month. @ per week submission. from modelling,technical skills to rendering. i guess thats, a better push factor for a “job competition” .

  • VusalAbbasov

    Hi, do you have dwg file of this project?

  • Vusal Abbasov

    Hi i could not see DWG file of this project to do 3D modelling

  • toworrowab

    VusalAbbasov Part of the assignment is to model from the blueprints.

  • toworrowab

    hoppergrass For non EU countries we submit and arrange for working permission.

  • toworrowab

    SamyVincent Surprise us 🙂
    As long as it looks natural and shows off your skills.

  • ” you are expected to post updates on the challenge section that will go live on the blog by Monday 6 February 2017″. Is it a work in progress? Isn’t it a bit too early for a wip? since the deadline is 1st of march?

  • andregonweb

    Hi Ronen — I was looking at all the floorplans for the Museum. There
    is another building directly adjacent to the actual art museum. For the
    purposes of this challenge, is it acceptable to completely leave that
    building out?

  • NazarBabiak

    Hi Ronen!
    I did’n find any email or adress to send finished work.
    Where to send submission? Directly to you or Tomorrow?


  • Yoonjin Oh

    We are looking for people with a good skillset and a good attitude. This is the steps involved in our everyday process.
    Nice trolling with a fake facebook accout…

  • JavCGX
  • toworrowab

    NazarBabiak Post your final result in your challange thread. Final PDF (10MB limit) send to [email protected] with contacts.

    Good luck!

  • toworrowab

    dan1307 The WIP will be open from 6 february so it will be possible to start posting.
    Good luck!

  • the milestone submit form will be in place by monday. so will the final submit form for those of you who are pretty fast 😉
    all entries should be submmited this way so nothing is lost in traffic.

  • JavCGX

    ooopss…I just saw the answer to NazarBabiak…Ok…tnx…

  • Romie Valentino

    do they provide working visa for outside EU artist sir ?

  • leandrobp

    One question: to win the 2000 euro prize, do I need to accept the job? It should be amazing to live in Stockholm, but I am trying to run my own business here in Brazil right now. Not that I am so secure to win this challenge, but just in case… 😉

  • kseny

    Hi Ronen! Is it restricted to one image only? Can more images be submitted?

  • kseny

    Hi Ronen, is the submittion restricted to one image? Can I submit two images in a single pdf or in two different pdfs? (sorry if the message is repeated, it seems previous one wasnt posted)

  • NazarBabiak

    Thanks Tomorrow!

  • NazarBabiak

    Ok, Thank you Ronen.
    I feel unclear about necessity of milestones… But why couldn’t we submit only the final PDF?

  • toworrowab

    We will only judge upon one Image to make it fair for everyone. However if you choose to do additional images it will show your ambition.

  • kseny

    toworrowab I see, thank you

  • edaneve

    Hi, when is the deadline to enter the competition? Is posting the updates a condition? 
    Thank you.

  • toworrowab dan1307 Thanks, silly me 😛

  • toworrowab

    edaneve There is no deadline entry. As long as the submission is posted before the final deadline. But we will follow the challange threads so to be able and share your work and having a good process will also show the professional qualiteis that is required to work for Tomorrow.

  • andregonweb


  • leandrobp I would say yes 😉 But let Andreas respond on this too…

  • andregonweb If we did not address this specifically in the rules and terms then you can decide… You can leave it out if you want.

  • Hi All,

    The Challenge Progress and Final Images submit and showcase area is now open!

    PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT Uploads are Anonymous 
    Keep to this policy as you add text inside you updates and when commenting (comments are not active yet)

    Submit your Concept / Work Process / Final updates using this link :

    Follow the work people submit here :

    The first 4 were made by me as an example of what you can upload.

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    Romie Valentino This is what Andreas wrote : “For non EU countries we submit and arrange for working permission.”

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    There is no DWG. Doing it from the plans on Archdaily is part of the exercise.

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    Ask me something specific and I will help

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    Super! the upload section is live. GO GO GO 😉

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    Are you looking to get this job?

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    The SUBMIT and SHOWCASE section are live.

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl
  • Phil Ryan

    For some reason I can log into the forums, but when I try and log into the submit/showcase section it keeps telling me my password is incorrect?

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    Well, that is because it is a different login system… sorry, but that thing is still work in progress on my side. Until I get the SSO (Single Sign-On) feature live – that will be the case. So just create a new user for the blog… THOSE OF YOU WHO already uploaded a showcase entry (the usual ones for the Best of Week and AAA) directly on the blog – YOU ALREADY have a login so use that.

  • Sergiu Zboras

    In the end they didn’t fulfill their promises by the way. I was one of the winners of that competition. It just went nowhere.

  • toworrowab

    Yes we will provide working visa.

  • JohnnyGalindo

    If i live in Guatemala, can i participate in this challenge?

  • NazarBabiak

    Ok, let’s clear this thing I was asking before.
    Is it necessary to post your work process before final submission? Let’s say I don’t want my workflow, sketches and concept to be seen by any of the other participants. I only want to submit the final package just before March 1st and I want it to be seen by the Tomorrow and Tomorrow only. 
    Is this ok?

  • JohnnyGalindo Yes you can

  • NazarBabiak It is necessary to post the updates

  • kseny

    Hi, I think there is problem with other peoples work page, it seems 3 pages. But when I go to 2nd or 3rd, I see this 
    ‘Nothing Found. Sorry, the post you are looking for is not available’. 

    Does it happen to anyone else?

  • kseny Thanks for the heads-up – Checking this now!

  • richson7

    I want to post a new stage of my wip. Have I write the same Project Name / Title If i want to post a new update? Will this new update be added to my first submission?

  • richson7 All your updates will be under your user so no need to worry. Each update is a new post but clicking your user link will take you to the page with just your updates in it.

  • edaneve

    I understand, thank you for the answer.

  • lorafederico

    I’ve this message when I try to subscribe: 

    Nothing FoundSorry, the post you are looking for is not available. Maybe you want to perform a search?

  • please screen capture this for me. full screen.

  • this is resovled. can you confirm?

  • kseny

    Thank you Ronen, working just fine since yesterdey!

  • BcnArkitek

    ronenbekerman richson7

    Hi Ronen, for every updates  ( say w.i.p. updates ) do we need to filled up again the Proj. Name / Title , Milestone short description? thanks …

  • BcnArkitek ronenbekerman richson7 Yes… the text should be related to the update and not the overall project. While not ideal, this format for a challenge is a first as I work towards the future challenge system – the one big challenges will run on too! 

    After the deadline I will ask you all to send me feedback on this experience so I can improve before the next challenge.

  • BcnArkitek

    ronenbekerman BcnArkitek richson7

    thanks much Ronen.

  • csdr

    Hi Ronen and Tomorrow,

    Couple of questions here:
    1. For the final, do we have to make 4 paged PDF as your example or just upload the final image at the “Final Entry” submission.
    2. I would like to make couple more images for this project if there is time, where should I submit them? Work Process?


  • VusalAbbasov

    HI, if i am finish my project where do i have to upload PDF file?

  • You’re correct, a competition with the deadline being “yesterday” would be more realistic 😉

  • VusalAbbasov Submit a new entry – Pick milestone as Final – you will have a PDF upload field inside

  • csdr Yes, you need to upload the 4 pages PDF too. Feel free to add more work process updates 😉

  • Tomorrow is hiring and have defined the terms of this challenge – that works for them 😉

  • csdr

    ronenbekerman Thanks!

  • VusalAbbasov

    ronenbekerman VusalAbbasov Thank you very much for answer 🙂

  • NazarBabiak

    ronenbekerman BcnArkitek richson7
    Hi Ronen.
    I  think that showing other participants your personal WIP during the contest process is not a good idea at all. While you trying to be unique, others may catch up your idea and use it for their own entry.

  • kseny

    NazarBabiak ronenbekerman BcnArkitek richson7 Sorry to intervene 🙂 I think it is another approach to competition. It makes you wonder and search harder for ideas. Also you see other people working ways, which doesnt occur very often. 
    Even following without participating is very interesting. In the end of the day, we dont invent new science, one with better techniques will overcome the other, even following similar ideas.

  • emred

    Hi! Is there a deadline for concept submission as it is half the way almost to the final submission? Will it be a valid application if i submit my concept in 1-2 days and keep on posting WIP following days?

  • VusalAbbasov

    Hi when i try to upload pdf file i get this message: The uploaded file type is not allowed. Must be one of the following: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. my pdf file memory is 20MB

  • Vusal Abbasov

    HI ronen i have submitted my final work on tomorrow challenge 2017 with pdf file, but i dont see my final submitted on website.

  • stv

    Hi Ronen, i uploaded my frist concept yesterday, and i cannot find it anywhere. Do i have to upload it again?

  • emred yes

  • Please try once more – it should work now!

  • stv did you try once more and it worked for you?

  • csdr

    Is it OK to work on multiply images, post updates for them and decide before deadline which one is for final?

  • aimo91

    Is it ok to start working on the concept now? Or am i too late to start the challenge? Thanks in advance.

  • aimo91 Yes, it is ok!

  • csdr

    ronenbekerman  ?
    At least cam you tel me what additional image in final entry means? Can we upload there additional images we do for project?

  • csdr  sure it is ok!

  • stv

    ronenbekerman Yes. Thanks Ronen!

  • Damirkol

    Dear Ronan, 
    i´ve been following your blog now for over 5 years, regularly visiting. It has been a blog with much inspiration and a place to learn.
    But in the last 2 years it has become a blog that is updated maybe once a month. Most of the time with advertising. I had hopes that this would change but it even got worse with this challenge.
    How can someone who should have a complete grasp of the difficulties in the field of architectural visualizations call out for a job challenge? A contest where you have to work even before you get the job? Whats next? Working the first months for free? A complete portfolio should be more than enough to judge a persons skills and not only 1 rendering.

    Maybe you dont understand where this could lead to. Companies not just offering a job but making it a contest where you have to work on a project to apply for the job. This would make an already difficult industry even harder. Is this your blogs intention?

  • edaneve


    I have uploaded my concept around 18th of Feb. but haven’t checked for it at the entries showcase page and now i can’t find it when i am scrolling through the entries. Can i somehow check if it was uploaded or should i do it again? Tnx.

  • csdr

    ronenbekerman csdr  So can we upload other renders we did for this project as “Additional Project Images” on Final Entry Milestone?
    Thanks in advance.

  • prpl

    1st of March means the final submission will be open until end of that day or end of 28th Feb?

  • VRDN

    Hi Ronen, I wanted to ask how can I be sure that the final pdf is uploaded? I uploaded the JPG and the 4 pages PDF and everything went well, but I am asking you because on the page only the JPG are showed and the PDF are not, so I just wanted to be sure that everything went well. 
    Thank you.

  • VRDN  If the JPG is live with the entry the PDF is to, but indeed, it is not shown. it is on record for the selection process.

  • el_julian

    Hello ronen, a little question of dealine, is this Wednesday evening (March 1 included) or Tuesday night (March 1 not included)?

  • Ametist

    Hi Ronen,
    pls ignore this entry

    Final entry is

    Thank you!

  • lardochi

    could you please specify time of thedeadline? Is it 1 March 23:59 GMT?

  • rdash4384

    ronenbekerman VRDN is there a way to edit the final submission to add jpgs of the pdf pages?


  • el_julian  March 1 is included.

  • prpl  It will be open until the end of the day, March 1st.

  • Marat Zakirov

    Hi Ronen,
    I can’t loggin on the site(invalid password). Reset pasword didn’t help me.

  • prpl

    photobek prpl

    Since we were not able to get the answer about 1 March exact deadline before 1 March,

    Can you please accept my final entry as: 

    and ignore this post:

    I would be so glad if possible.

  • JohnnyGalindo

    when will they give results?

  • JohnnyGalindo This will take a few days… there are many final entries to review! 😉

  • ronenbekerman

    Just updating that results will be here by end of March! Stay tuned 😉

  • ronenbekerman
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