AXYZ Anima 2 Tutorials – Using the plugin with 3dsmax and Cinema4D

AXYZ design has released a two new videos this week about how to use their ANIMA 2 plugin on 3dsmax and Cinema4D. Anima allows you to render animations in your favorite 3d application using plugins specially designed to import and render a large quantity of 3D characters.

The Anima plugin for 3ds Max & Cinema4D optimizes memory usage and gives you the flexibility to use your choice of renderer including V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Scanline and Mental Ray on 3dsmax and the built-inPhysical Renderer and V-Ray on Cinema4D.

For each scene you import the plugin will create two types of object, Anima Actors for each person in your simulation, and a single Anima Scene object that is used to control them. To edit the parameters for Anima Actors and Scene objects, simply select them and open the Modify Panel.

Feature image credit – “Media Arts Center” by Robert Tsai / Field of Vision

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  1. lamason4
    lamason4 says:

    This looks great and I sooo want it to be just that, but like anyone who has used Anima 1 I’m very dubious. Can anyone give some unbiased feedback about their experience with Anima 2?!
    Thanks in advance

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