Creating Detailed Sand with Forest Pack

iToo Software has released a new Forest Pack tips and tricks installment created by guest writer Mickael Riciotti, environment artist at Unit Image in Paris. Inspired by a recent article on FX Guide about creating the sand using Houdini for Pixar’s short film Piper, Mikael wanted to see if he could create a similar look with 3ds Max, V-Ray and Forest Pack Pro.

“In this tutorial, we will see how we can use Forest Pack’s “Forest Color” map features along with various optimization tricks to recreate sand macro-photography.

When dealing with extreme close ups on a grainy surface like sand, a displacement map may show some stretching and you will need to increase the subdivision substantially to get the amount of details you need. Moreover, sand is translucent, so having separate geometry for each grain of sand will help with scattering light and bring far more realism to your image.“

The files that come with this tutorial are compatible with Forest Pack Pro and V-Ray.

These tutorials are made by request, so if you have an issue you would like to see featured, please visit iToosoft’s forum and make your suggestion.