RELEASED : Interior Models Vol3 by MAXTREE

MAXTREE released a new volume of interior models, mostly from HAY. This collection includes 10 sets of furniture models in a context of a living room, dining area, and a study.

Interior Models Vol 3 is a compilation of high-quality 3D interior models, most of them from HAY. This collection includes ten sets of furniture models, contains living rooms, dining rooms, and study rooms.

These models are available for 3DS Max 2012 or above, includes 3DS Max format, supports Vray 3.0 and above, Corona renderer 1.3 and above.

Here are a few samples from the new collection :


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  1. Frank van Leersum
    Frank van Leersum says:

    I think it’s a beautiful collection, but isn’t it a bit odd to pay for 3D models which you can download on the website of Hay for free?

    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      I’ve checked and the ones available directly from HAY are .3DS files without materials, textures or UV Mapping so it will take more work to get them looking photoreal.

  2. Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez says:

    I became aware they ARE using Lindqvist textures and/or models, including other artists which they aren’t allowed to, instead they just renamed them, also the models can be found in Grant Warwick’s and Bertrand Benoit’s assets, again, they reused them and renamed them, easy peasy money apparently… we should be helping one another instead of taking advantage of each others achievments

    • Chris Watt
      Chris Watt says:

      This is concerning as I just purchased the pack before they took them all down on their website. I would much have preferred to support the original modeler(s) of the items – you know the people who actually put in the hard work. I got scammed hehe, and did not expect it from maxtree hence why I just bought the collection straight out when Ronen first put the blog post up and I am sure many others probably did too. My own fault though I should have checked more thoroughly before the purchase.

        • Chris Watt
          Chris Watt says:

          Ah no issues with you Ronen, it is not your fault at all and how was you to know, like the rest of us we thought Maxtree was a reputable company and hopefully they learn from their mistake and do the right thing in the future, which I’m sure they will.

      • Liu Ming
        Liu Ming says:

        I’m Liu Ming from Maxtree, the models are all made by ourselves, but we really use the textures of other 3D Artists, we are deal with this thing.

        • ronenbekerman
          ronenbekerman says:

          Hi @disqus_H02vLOFjNw:disqus Thank you for addressing this issue here and posting about what happened and your actions about it as well.

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