Winner Announced : Tomorrow 2017 Challenge

The Tomorrow 2017 Challenge comes to a conclusion today with the announcement of the Winner and Runner Up, both being hired and becoming part of the Tomorrow team in Stockholm. Thank you, we were extremely impressed to see all the hard work, the talent, and dedication that you put into this challenge. Now let’s make room for the winners!

All the submissions were carefully evaluated internally at Tomorrow studio, and their next stars for their Stockholm office are…

Nazarii Derkach

Nazarii Derkach

Challenge Winner

We are proud to announce Nazarii Derkach as the the winner of Tomorrows 2017 Challenge. With a good concept, a well-structured process and a flawless result Nazarii Derkach shows high artistic skills and a professional approach. Nazarii Derkach is also a really nice person with the right type of mindset that we look for at Tomorrow.

Mohit Sanchaniya

Mohit Sanchaniya

Challenge Runner-up

As the second runner-up, Mohit Sanchaniya’s work also grabbed our attention. With an ambitious project, attention to detail and with a very photorealistic result we also decided to hire Mohit Sanchaniya to our Studio.

Andreas Landgren / Founding Partner at Tomorrow said:

Both Nazarii Derkach and Mohit Sanchaniya will become a great addition to the Tomorrow team. We are looking forward to be working together and continue to push the boundaries in the field of architectural visualization.

The Winning Entries

The assignment was to create a stunning interpretation of Tham & Videgård´s Art Museum in Sweden. You can read the full brief here – Tomorrow 2017 Challenge.

Nazarii Derkach Entry – Winner.

Mohit Sanchaniya Entry – Runner-up.

All Final Entries

Big thanks to all who took part in this challenge! You can see all final entries at the Tomorrow 2017 Challenge Gallery.


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  1. Bruno Andrade
    Bruno Andrade says:

    Congratulations guys. Nazarii composition is great, well deserved. Mohit’s entry I really thought it was a reference photo when I first looked at it, crazy photorealistic.

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