The Magical Forest / miniCHALLENGE #04

The Magical Forest / miniCHALLENGE #04

March 19, 2012 |  by  |  Challenges & Giveaways
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“The Magical Forest”, the 4th miniCHALLENGE, starts today. Focusing on the use of iToo Software‘s 3dsmax 3d scattering plugin, your challenge is to take the freely available autumn park scene and develop your own story within it. miniCHALLENGE#04 will run until the last day of April June 2012 on a dedicated forum section. Good Luck!

The mission

The autumn park scene is available for both VRay and Mental Ray for you to use it as the base for your own story within it. Let your imagination run wild and make the best possible and creative use of the Forest Pack plugin (lite or pro, just make sure to mention which one you used) to showcase your idea. Don’t let scale issues limit you down – think outside the box! Surprise us!

The prizes

We have 3 awards to giveaway to the best three entries to this miniCHALLENGE…

  1. 1st Place – Both Forest Pack & RailClone 3 years licenses.
  2. 2nd Place – Choose between Forest Pack or RailClone 3 years license.
  3. 3rd Place – Choose between Forest Pack & RailClone 1 year license.

(For holders of FP or RC licences, the winning can either extend current license or add a new one if you so choose).

Go ahead and visit The Magical Forest miniCHALLENGE#04 forum thread, see the complete information about it and GET STARTED!

Good Luck!

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Hello,I think we can mostly use 3 objects in the lite version. Is it allowed to combine different scenes, either converting to 3d meshes and merging them or maybe rendering different scenes and joining them in Photoshop?


Hmm, I've noticed that it is not possible to convert to meshes in Lite version. Wish Itoosoftware could release a time limited demo for their products.


@itoosoft your plugins rock! Hi!5!

mukul_ar 1 Like

Come on Ronen! Give something, us lesser users (of sketchup) can work with too! Like the MS House maybe... Don't have a max license so can't really do anything about this minichallenge. Will look forward to the next one.

ronenbekerman moderator 2 Like

 @mukul_ar Not to worry - miniCHALLNGE's are limited usually but come on monthly basis from now on... so there will be something for you to take part in too ;)

Dollmaker 1 Like

One is allowed to make changes to tree textures or even replace trees and stuff?  Thanks :)

ronenbekerman moderator 1 Like

 @Dollmaker Yes you can... but keep the general "scene with in forest" idea ;)

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