‘The Museum’ / Maxwell Render Challenge 20 Finalists

‘The Museum’ / Maxwell Render Challenge has ended on the 15th this month and I am very proud to present the images created by the 20 finalists of this special Architectural Visualization Challenge dedicated specifically to the use of Maxwell Render featuring the Neue National Gallery. I enjoyed this event very much, as it featured an architectural masterpiece and in focus use of the Maxwell Render engine as never seen before. Go ahead and have a closer look at the submitted images as the Jury starts the decision making process.

The finalists (in no particular order)

Below is the list of all the qualifying finalists with links to their forum threads so you can visit and follow all their progress from start to finish. On the right side you can see what major software each one used in the process of creating their images, aside of Maxwell Render.

Bold entries have made it to a previous challenge as finalist too 🙂

  • 3dsmax, Maya, PS, AE
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • 3dsmax, GrowFX, PS
  • PS
  • SketchUP, PS
  • Maya, RF, PS
  • SketchUP, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS, AE
  • SketchUP
  • 3dsmax, GrowFX, PS
  • Maya, PS
  • 3dsmax, GrowFX, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • SketchUP, Rhino, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • SketchUP, Vectorworks
  • SketchUP

Here are the finalists images

The next Museum Challenge started!

As this one ended, on the blog birthday, the new one started – ‘The Museum’ / Lumion Challenge. I invite you all to explore the same theme, but in real-time and in motion 😉

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  1. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    As much as I love Bertrand’s stuff… Jamie Holms has dominated this challenge from start to finish. Absolutely bossed it.

  2. kodissimo
    kodissimo says:

    congrats to the finalists.I like especially works of Jamie Holms, Bertrand Benoit and “detail” by Giona Andreani.Good luck to all.

  3. Amar 77
    Amar 77 says:

    great works and talents…..so can the artists answer now the epic question :which is better Vray or maxwell ?  🙂

  4. Konstantinos Anninos
    Konstantinos Anninos says:

    I would said that is an easy win for Bertrand but Jamies work is also amazing.. i dont know.. 🙂

  5. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    Hii never used Lumion, but i’m curios in and this is a great opportunity to study this software.No one idea at this time but i’m thinking 😉

  6. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    congratulation all partecipants.I like maxwell and all entries  do it justice. Hard work for jury!

  7. MartinBrinks
    MartinBrinks says:

    I must admit I’m quite disappointed with the results. Except for Giona’s images that is. The remainder is an odd mess and mix of weird compositions, too much noise and overused occlusion effects. And how the hell can a render of an ashtray with poor materials be among the finalists?

    • JurajTalcik
      JurajTalcik says:

      MartinBrinks Martin, these aren’t chosen finalists. These 20 participants (me included), are all those who submitted final images, from starting 200+ contenders. This was very hard competition, and might not seems so to outsiders based only on final results.Competition is what is it, is willing participation that isn’t forced, this isn’t clients work, so you’re being a bit too harsch and offensive to all those who spend their time creating this.I do partly agree with you (which inherently means I am criticing myself, which I am) about poorer than expected results, but, again, this wasn’t as easy as it seems, and unless you participated, you should show some respect for those brave enough to find time and complete it ;- )Kind regards,Juraj

  8. MatheusPassos
    MatheusPassos says:

    Great challenge,in my opinion this is better than the last.I love some input and I’m watching this.Very good effort by the whole Ronen to bring this challenge.Good luck to the participants.I already have my preferred candidate

  9. MatheusPassos
    MatheusPassos says:

    This is a good challenge …Good luck to the participants …I already have my preferred candidate ….BBB is as always a very strong candidate …Let’s see the runner …I hope Juraj Talcik is a finalist ..He took over the contest far beyond expectations ..It is a great artist.

  10. Arnie79
    Arnie79 says:

    Nice works.I really like Fernando Valdes, they are not only great images, this can be a great exposition in REAL life, i like the worldwide art with mexican style.congratulations to all,

  11. StephenInglis
    StephenInglis says:

    After following Juraj’s progress, all entrants need to be knighted.. and then given a holiday away with their neglected partners.  

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