Winner Announced: model+model Giveaway

The first of the blog’s third birthday giveaways is here! model+model will give one of you lucky followers the volume of your choice out of the currently 6 available ones. You will also have the chance to win one more pack by sending a 3d render you made using one of their freely or commercially available models.

First Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to Mark Clausen

You are the lucky winner of a brand new model+model Volume of your choice 🙂 Probably Vol. 05, right?

Second Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to Giona Andreani

You are the selected winner in the 2nd submit image stage… you get to pick the volume of your choice too. See Giona’s Wining image here.

About model+model

model+model is a 3d model provider. They have a very stylish website where you can buy single items and collections. Their 4th Volume, Architectural Lights, was recently published and it is up for grabs here among the previous three too.

Volume 01. Accessories

Volume 02. Chairs + Tables

Volume 03. Interior Lights

Volume 04. Architectural Lights

Volume 05. Kitchen accessories

Volume 06. Books

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook by liking it 😉
  2. Post a comment below, using the post to twitter or Facebook check-boxes, telling which of the models in all 6 volumes you like best!

Here is an image preview to show were you should check these options while commenting further below, at the end of this post 😉

The first part of this giveaway closes in exactly 48 hours, and a winner will be randomly selected shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winner information and model+model we’ll get in touch with you.

The second part of sending your 3d renders showcasing one or more of the model+model items will end on September 21st. Please use the following form to send your renders.

A big thanks to model+model, for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

179 replies
  1. DannyKaiKaeShiuh
    DannyKaiKaeShiuh says:

    I like volume 3 the most it’s because it has got some sophisticated lights which are timeless when it comes to the design and also acceptable by majorities . 

  2. SantiSanchez
    SantiSanchez says:

    Hi Ronen imho all vol’s looks amazing and are really useful but vol 6 has all my attention (=

  3. GianfrancoGalagar
    GianfrancoGalagar says:

    Books caught my eyes, besides who wouldn’t want a good read? :DPS. It’s my birthday today. 😛

  4. FernandoPinto
    FernandoPinto says:

    Hiii!!Fantastic news 🙂 !!! Had to be on Ronen :-)Volume 6 is definitely a plus not just by the books, but especially because of the wonderful plugin…that can save you literally hours of some times tedious work…Have a great day you all 🙂

  5. Design_Corps
    Design_Corps says:

    They are all good. Vol 6 edges it for me though; specific model (or set of models anyway) would be the Wallpaper magazines as they look good on coffee tables 🙂

  6. BrunoCassol
    BrunoCassol says:

    All of them are amazing, but as a Architect I realy like the Vol. 3 – Interior Lights. 😉

  7. johnnelsonvfx
    johnnelsonvfx says:

    I like volume 6 because of the amount of books and magazines, those are last minute things that slow me down when trying to finish a project!

  8. Daniel Espinosa
    Daniel Espinosa says:

    Vol. 06 for me, I think books can make a whole lot of difference when talking about hyper-realistic rendering and way better if combined with the books manager script. I’d love to have that volume.

  9. rombout
    rombout says:

    I would love to own those lights, so vol4 it is.Currently working on a scene where im about to use that spot model which was given last friday. I would like to use more of them in this scene

  10. andreasat
    andreasat says:

    #38, the kitchen machine from volume 1 is such a great model! Adding every-day objects like that to the render is really powerful and gives scene a sense of life.

  11. ScottDouglas
    ScottDouglas says:

    Great Models, really add realism to any scene and by far the best models out therevolume 1 is perfect

  12. BlytheVisual
    BlytheVisual says:

    model + model Vol. 1: accessories is my favorite.  I always need accessories in my models but they take so long to make from scratch!

  13. BlytheVisual
    BlytheVisual says:

    model + model Vol. 1: accessories is my favorite.  I always need accessories in my rooms but they take so long to make from scratch!

  14. TravisRadke
    TravisRadke says:

    Def. have to be Vol. 6, good quality books are hard to find and time-consuming to make. Vol. 2 chairs are  a close second.

  15. DennisWu
    DennisWu says:

    I have to say vol. 3 interior lighting, but architectural lighting in vol. 4 is very nice too!

  16. Micha? Koldi
    Micha? Koldi says:

    To be honest guys, you can never have enough Vol.2 chairs and tables in your houses. Cheers!

  17. Mahmoud Salman
    Mahmoud Salman says:

    Good Textured arranged book is so usefull and help a lot in saving time..i really would like to have it

  18. Ingo Beckmann
    Ingo Beckmann says:

    I really love all of the model + model sets, especially the book collection looks pretty handsome in combination with the bookscatter plugin. But i´d love to have the architectural lights due to the awesome detail. cheers !

  19. Szabó Szilárd
    Szabó Szilárd says:

    For me would be useful the interior lights (Volume 03.), but I like all of them…

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