miniCHALLENGE 03 / NGA House with Maxwell Render / Finalists

The NGA House miniCHALLENGE ended sometime ago and I’m getting around to choose the winners. It is not an easy task this time, so while I make final judgment of the entries, here are all the images created by all entrants that took part in this challenge for your review and feedback.

It was very interesting to finally see several artists use just the Maxwell Render engine to create visuals of a simple house design. I have two potential entries for 1st place currently so once I am decided about one, the results will be published.

Check out the images here and also on the forum thread – miniCHALLENGE#03 – NGA House with Maxwell Render

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  1. mbe
    mbe says:

    Oh did you post the Raw output of all renders? mine which got posted here is the one without post work…

  2. thomas vournazos
    thomas vournazos says:

    indeed one of the most powerfull and hard to manage renderers..but that’s what makes maxwell render a must have software.Good luck to all, it sure was a pleasure!

  3. dubs
    dubs says:

    incredible work by all involved. the images were very creative along with holding tremendous beauty. i have my own three favorites aswell but look forward to seeing which get the top billing.

  4. Lisenker
    Lisenker says:

    My two favourites:
    roberto-valls-01 (although this one could use some post-production)

  5. kropped
    kropped says:

    There are some very impressive images in there! I think my favourite is the one covered in snow but I wouldn’t like to have to choose the winner, good luck Ronen!

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