PREFAB Desert House by Marmol Radziner

I have a soft spot for PREFAB residential designs and this one by Marmol Radziner sure is a nice one. Designed for Leo Marmol and his wife Alisa Becket, the Desert House, Located on a five-acre site in Desert Hot Springs, California, employs four house modules and six deck modules. Sheltered living spaces blend the indoors with the outdoors, simultaneously extending and connecting the house to the north wing, which holds a guest house and studio space. Great reference for how a small architectural metallic subject looks in a desert environment.

If you know of any other good PREFAB home design, please share them with me.

Photography by Joe Fletcher

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  1. Jason A.
    Jason A. says:

    I just backpacked to the peak of Mt. San Jacinto (the mountain in the background of the first photo) a few weeks ago and it was amazing! 4 feet of snow and great views. I wish that I knew about this place before hand so that I could make a stop on the way home. Very cool.

  2. Micah
    Micah says:

    The house is way cool, but the location is horrible. The meth capital of the world. I guess thats why its on 5 acres. I live in this desert and you couldn’t have picked a worse spot to put this house. I look at this and all I see is Modern Breaking Bad.

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