Casa Barragan by xoio

Lasse, from studio xoio, posted a gorgeous renders set of Casa Barragan that they made in-house. He showcases an impressive amount of viewpoints with a unique painterly look to them that really complements the design of the house and the spirit of Barragan in general. This is a must see and please add your opinion on this here or on the forums.

Casa Barragan was featured on archdaily too, and this is the link if you want to compare with the original – AD Classics: Casa Barragan / Luis Barragan

Visit Lasse’s forum thread to join the discussion about his work – Casa Barragan

  • Toktam

    It`s fantastic.I should say it looks much more better than the real one.great job !!!!

  • Jason A.

    Beautiful symmetrical shot of the stair.

  • The noise actually benefits the style of those awesome renderings!

  • Hugo

    amazing images and incredible architecture

  • love it!

  • Darky

    Yeah, the images are beautiful,
    but i don’t get it, while the design of the house is great, it looks so stern with those furnitures.

  • great, especially number 10!
    the artistic realization of nature, architecture and light is really impressive!

  • Helvetica

    I think the furniture represents the “Barragan” simplistic style of living. Much of what Barragan believed was a simple dialogue of interior & the inhabitant within the space, feeling similar emotions when experiencing both the exterior and interior spaces.

  • Great stuff by Lasse of xoio, Ronen. Thanks for sharing these. I bet the client swooned with joy when he saw this set of renders. They are amazing and oozes with such realistic components that you could almost believe these are photographs of the real thing. 🙂

    • the client ?! you mean Mr. Barragan ? 🙂

      the “painting” effect is very good

  • ludnid

    All i can say is wow…i did just two things…. first i saved the images for future reference then i renamed it to something like “Its all about the colors” 😀

    Nice Work