miniCHALLENGE 03 / NGA House with Maxwell Render / Winners Selected

The NGA House Maxwell Render miniCHALLENGE Winners have been selected! Big thanks to all the visitors and participants in this challenge for the feedback and sharing your work. Make sure you check the original NGA with Maxwell Render miniCHALLENGE forum thread for the full progress of the event.

To see all the entries submitted in this miniCHALLENGE visit the NGA House with Maxwell Render miniCHALLENGE finalists announcement post.

First Place, Samuel Conlogue @ Infusion Studios.

It was real hard for me to make the final call on who is the winner. In the end, Samuel earned this place with his ‘Scale Model’ style entry (with Roberto so near him in 2nd place, I’ll add more about this in the feedback for Roberto).

Samuel approached the part of showcasing the NGA house design as most architects in the world do at some point of the design stage – using a real scale model! any architecture student remembers this task during studio sessions for better or worse.

this is at the heart of the architecture profession and going along with this in a rendering for this challenge was a brave and successful move. It was very easy to get this wrong, but Samuel did a great job and achieved a Maxwell Render photo real result that showcases the house very good. The added items on the desk and the real studio like environment went a long way in adding the true feel of an architects studio.

Samuel wins

Maxwell Render 2.X + PureLIGHT HDRi Pack.

Here is his main image.


And an extra detail shot.



Second Place, Roberto Valls @ rendertaxi

Let me start by saying I love Roberto’s image very much, right off the bat! It made the best first impression on me and I was sure it will be the one… but having to consider all possible aspects of the image I had to take more time and compare the best ones against each other.

I think that the final reason that made this image 2nd is that it showcases the house less than most other entries to a point it could really be an image of many other houses too in a similar scenario.

But once you pass that fact, you see an amazing sunset image with a great story of a house on the lake at ‘Magic Hour’ with a glimpse to the life that is inside the living room. I love the coloring, lighting, materials but would have preferred a panoramic composition – one that might have shown more of the house as well as more of the lake.

Roberto wins

PureLIGHT HDRi Pack.


Third Place, Andrea Spadoni.

Andrea managed to create a great looking rocky lakeside location for the NGA house! The rocks are well done and the house is nestled very nicely on the sand and among some of the rocks.

The overall coloring of the image has a dominant brown tone and is consistent and fitting with the lake feel. The chosen materials for the house is also very fitting and blends it nicely with the environment.

I love the added pier with the fish nets but I would love to see a small boat too.

One thing this image could do without are the flying leaves to far away from any near tree (and I’ll not mention that all trees in the scene or conifers… oopss, I did).

Andrea wins

A selection of 3 PureLIGHT HDRi’s.

Here is his main image.


And an additional one submitted for this challenge.


Congratulations to all three winners and all other participants and visitors of this challenge. See you all in the upcoming Architectural Visualization Challenge III – CITY LIFE and other miniCHALLENGES along the way.

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  1. tom
    tom says:


    The Winners really earned their places!

    To point the whole challange thread was simply amazing piece of useful stuff as the guys were kind enough to share their techniques!

    Once more Congrats for Winners!

  2. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Congratulations to all partecipants!! I agree with Samuel win because he did a great job and the idea is vey original 😉

    I hope i can partecipate at the next challenge too 🙂

  3. Javier Pintor
    Javier Pintor says:

    Congratulations to the winners and contestants, very close challenge, we can see nice quality entrances and I’m so proud to see my model in so many environments.


  4. Samuel Conlogue
    Samuel Conlogue says:

    Wow! Thanks Ronen, and thanks again for providing us with another great challenge! Also thanks to Javier for providing the NGA House model. I really loved working on this one alongside so many other great artists and with one of my favorite render engines to boot! Congratulations to Roberto and Andrea as well, inspiring work! I certainly don’t envy Ronen for having to decide between so many strong entries. A great effort on everyone’s part!

  5. Ivo Sucur
    Ivo Sucur says:

    Congrats to all the finalists and thumbs up for the winners. So much effort involved really produced really beautiful scenarios among all contestants!

    Great work guys and great work Javier ;)!!


  6. leelou
    leelou says:

    honor to the winners!
    It was a pleasure competing with you, thanks for the opportunity to Ronen and see you all at the next contest.

  7. Andrea Spadoni_AndryX86
    Andrea Spadoni_AndryX86 says:

    Hey this is a very nice surprise!!!
    Thanks Ronen to have honored me with the podium! 🙂
    And congratulations to Samuel and Roberto for their amazing works!
    A lot of good works from all the participants!

    P.S. Indeed I knew the problem with the leaves but I was wondering that nobodies notice it….
    And coniferes aren’t so pleasent to make flying around!

  8. Splitlid
    Splitlid says:

    congrats to all winners,was great to compete in and see what was really possible in maxwell.
    i am definately using it more now due to the competition.

  9. roberto valls
    roberto valls says:

    great challenge, it was a very enlightening experience where everyone shared their knoweledge and points of view to help the rest.. congratulations to Samuel and Andrea!

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