Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) Approach to Architectural Visualization

Pushing on with the exploration of the various workflows in Architectural Visualization, I’m presenting you today with the NPR – Non-Photorealistic Rendering approach as made by Scott Baumberger. More along the lines of what Rafal Barnas showcased in A Unique Approach to Architectural Visualization, in terms of how much Photoshop is being used vs. actual 3d rendering, but specifically aimed at recreating the look & feel of traditional watercolor paintings (and other forms too)… just using digital tools to do so. NPR is more about expressive styles in visualization, distancing itself from photorealism.

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Making of Aquarium of Canada

Continuing the exploration of NPR techniques of Architectural Visualization like Hybrid 2D/3D Digital Water Color Paintings, I bring you Scott Baumberger’s making of process of the main entrance to a large new aquarium in downtown Toronto, Canada. I’ve featured Scott’s work before in a roundup of several ‘Digital Watercolor’ breakdown videos he made that captivated my attention. Those, along with Les Chylinski’s 2D/3D Hybrid Workflow roundup and Jeremy Kay’s latest making of Urban Plaza and the feedback it got has led me to feature this article by Scott, a precursor of several more to come. Enjoy!

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