Rural Kitchen by -

The project was modelled from scratch except a couple of the plants. Having never used Corona I wanted to experiment with the differences between V-Ray and Corona and this was the result. Lit using a HDR + Corona area light. Post was mostly achieved in the frame buffer with a bit of Arion FX and light Photoshop work.

Hyper Lake by Juan Monsivais

Daily I review that there is again in archdaly, sometimes I would like to replicate many projects in 3d, but I rarely have time, in this occasion I found this project
I loved it, so I decided to model it and place it in a different environment, I fancy something with forest, so I worked with several free models and this is the result

Crossroads by MVSA

Crossroads is a new place for people, plants and animals. It is nature-inclusive as well as climate-adaptive and rainproof, offering an unprecedented quality of life within the urban fabric. Through its unique biotope, it helps to green Sloterdijk, one of the plainer outskirts of the city.

Lakeside residence by Martin Zmeskal

The task was to create a fictional but believable environment for presentation of large area glazing systems.
The scene incorporates loads of very polygon heavy objects, 8K textures, complicated VrayFur setups, Marvelous cloth sims, state of the art photoscans of artisan furniture and accessory items, PhoenixFD sim for fire and PhoenixOceanTex for lake water, Forrest Pack scatters.
All in all, it has now over 3GB size and when i hit render, the memory consumption flies to stratospheric heights (over 100GB).
We found out that rendering triple glazed sliding systems can be very tricky, especially if you have a lot more reflective/refractive objects in the scene. In the end we had to raise the reflection/refraction bounces globally to 35-50 depending on the shot.
Interesting on this project is the fact that the client has also requested views during different seasons and light/weather conditions. So we will have to simulate snow, add rain, leaves and who knows what else.
Thankfully there is another 156 GB of memory left in my system so the only limiting factor is the infamous 3DSMax and its moods 🙂