The main idea of ​​the project is in mobile modules (houses), designed for two or three people. Each module has a personal decorative lighting and connection to the electrical network. In view of the fact that modules are mobile, the common space of an institution can be transformed.

D Casa – A Federico Cedrone Inspiration

This is a special project that we’ve been working on lately in our free time, testing and learning more about Fstorm Render Engine, which quiet amazingly does not stop surprising us, even while trying to push it to the edge. We thought we’de share this series of renders here for you to enjoy the beautiful spaces originally Photographed by Federico Cedrone.


Hello guys and gals!

I’m pleased to share my last project done with FstormRender.

Render time is around 1-3 hours at 2600-5000px using 2x 1080gtx. 10-20k samples.

I hope you’ll like it.

Thank you!