Creating Weave Patterns with RailClone

iToo Software keep the tutorials coming with a new RailClone tips and tricks that demonstrates how to make a wicker patterns. In an unusual twist, they apply this to ceiling inspired by C18 Architekten who renovated the barrel ceilings of a chapel by applying a novel woven wicker surface.

“In this edition of our regular quick tips tutorials we’re going to look at how to create a weave design using RailClone. It’s a common pattern that has many applications, perhaps most usefully natural fences and baskets, but there are many more.

Along the way we’ll demonstrate some tricks for creating repeating patterns on the X and Y axis using sequence operators, how to mirror and reuse geometry, and how to split a style into more than one generator.“

The downloads for this tutorial are compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and above, V-Ray, and RailClone Pro.

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