CROWDED Winners Announced

We have a Winner! Well… winners. The CROWDED miniCHALLENGE#05 with Anima Lite by AXYZ Design closed last week and today I’m very happy to announce the winning entries. Congratulations to Strahinja Drazic for winning First Place with “Inspired by Amsterdam”! Check out the other winners, selected by the jury panel for this challenge which featured: Roberto Cepp De Rose, Sergio Mereces, Javier Leon, Mike McCarthy, Victor Feliz, Diego Gadler and yours truly!

After a full month and many entries (you can read the intro to the CROWDED miniCHALLENGE#05), I’m happy to present to you the winners of this AXYZ Design sponsored event that called for the use of Anima Lite in the creation of still images populated with 3d people.

CROWDED Winner – Strahinja Drazic

Inspired by Amsterdam

Wins : ANIMA PRO + 15 Collections + €2,500 EUR Cash Prize.

These are snapshots from the progress…

1st Runner Up – Christopher Lane

Corfu Town

Wins : ANIMA PRO + 10 Collections + €500 EUR Cash Prize.

These are snapshots from the progress…

And the clay render:

2nd Runner Up – Lautaro Vogel

AXYZ Anima Museum

Wins : ANIMA PRO + 5 Collections.

These is a snapshot from the progress…

Honor Mention – Sherif Abdelsalam

The Critical Moment

These is a snapshot from the progress…

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  1. Christopher James Lane
    Christopher James Lane says:

    WHATT!! i never thought in a million years I would get runner up for this… Thank you so much! and very well done to Strahinja Drazic on your winning entry… it was a fantastic idea!

  2. strdr88
    strdr88 says:

    Wow! This is an awesome surprise! 🙂
    Thank you AXYZ Design and Ronen for making this challenge possible! Congrats to other winners too, great images!

  3. sherif gazzar
    sherif gazzar says:

    Thanks Ronen and Thanks AXYZ for this great opportunity it was really fun to test the Anima on such a huge project , and congratulations to the winners .

  4. Godwin
    Godwin says:

    Wow, se ven increíbles. El como integran a las personas a la misma arquitectura. Mas que excelente.

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