Creating Ceilings with RailClone

iToo Software has released a new episode of their regular Tips & Tricks tutorials. In this 5 minute video they demonstrate how RailClone can be used to generate ceilings.

“In a previous tips and tricks tutorial we looked at how RailClone can be used to “Creating Parquet Flooring”. In this instalment we explore how to create suspended or acoustic ceilings. This style will use a single enclosed spline to define the area and include lights placed at nth intervals on the X and Y axis.”

Go ahead and check out the “Creating Ceilings” tutorial page now!


The files that come with this series are compatible with 3ds Max 2012 – 2015, V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona Renderer and RailClone 2 Pro.

Make sure you check the readme file that comes with this scene for the terms of use.

  • Adam Leonardi

    There is a really nice procedural map that produces this with a lot of control in it, maybe not ideal for close up internals, but more than enough for external renders looking in…think I saw it on

  • RobHicklin

    How would this work with irregular shaped splines? Say a triangle? Would it cut the tiles (like shapemerge) ?

  • Lonelymonk

    RobHicklin Hi Rob, yes with the style in this tutorial the tiles are cut on the boundary. 



  • Ihab Kalache

    came just in time for some ceilings I wanted to make thanks:)

  • schultzy

    Its  a  bizzare  but  all  thr  same  a  good  looking  style.Something  a  layman  is  unable  to  conceptualize perhaps
    I  think  the  idea  was  concieved  keeping in  view  the  larger  projects rather  than  the  smaller  ones . 
    but  quite  good anyway

  • bovlender

    It’s  a really  unique and  creative  idea more suitable for the  bigger structure rather then the smaller buildings .But very  new unique and original in itself  no  doubt about it.Not  anyone or everyone could actually come up with something like this one ,Really  work of a genius mind.