Gorgeous Cabin Illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi

Parisian illustrator & graphic designer, Marie-Laure Cruschi, crafted an amazing set of cabin illustration for Philip Jodidio upcoming book Cabins published by Taschen. The subject alone strikes a hard chord for me as I’m fascinated by cabin design, and with 61 of these in this book accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, it looks like a real gem! Looking forward to get it.


Wouldn’t it be great to get image plans looking like that! though… these probably take considerable amount of time to craft.

For nearly five months I have had the great pleasure to work with Taschen on achieving more than sixty opening chapter illustrations, drawings and symbols for this new collection of architecture. Cabins title, the book aims to provide a journey to discover more than sixty huts worldwide. This was one of the largest orders of illustration that was entrusted with me to this day. A great experience and a great challenge, in which I could develop my sensitivity to color and light


Here’s a couple of them from the book…



And some actual cabin photos… a few out of the 61 covered in the book.




Here’s a gallery of several cabin illustrations.

And also simpler ones as icons for each cabin…

Check out Marie-Laure Cruschi website to see this and more works by her – http://www.cruschiform.com/, and the book on pre-order on amazon – Cabins.

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  1. Joshessel
    Joshessel says:

    That is very cool! I am going to try and create something similar.
    I really like visualization done as an illustration, or made to look illustrated.

  2. mvollrath
    mvollrath says:

    I ordered this book as soon as I saw your post here and received it in the post yesterday. I can’t wait to go through it. Thanks for the the great postings as always Ronen!

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