Tel Aviv Buildings by Avner Gicelter

Moving apartments in Tel Aviv, walking around the various areas of the city, sparked and old-new love for architecture for Tel Aviv based designer / illustrator Avner Gicelter. This evolved into a wonderful personal project, inspired by José Guízar’s ‘Windows of New York’, in which Avner illustrates complete and interesting buildings across the city. The end results is remarkable… each one a poster, with attention to the buildings smallest features and colors referencing the city. 12 so far, and hopefully many more to come in this visual reference of Tel Aviv, Israel.

In Avner’s words from his Tel Aviv Buildings Behance page :

Tel Aviv Buildings is my new project where I’ll be uploading a weekly illustration of buildings from my home town. Inspired by José Guízar and his beautiful website ‘Windows of New York’ and Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s special architecture style, I’d like you to join me and see my love for this city through my blog.

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Visit also José Guízar’s website – ‘Windows of New York’

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