Goldstein 2001 Matte Painting Giveaway by Carlos Mazon

The image “Goldstein 2001” was a quick personal project by Carlos Mazon done for fun that took him around 3h in Photoshop. The subject alone is very interesting in referencing the “Goldstein House” designed by Architect John Lautner, but Carlos is also provides his PSD so you can explore for yourself. Carlos combined the house design with the theme of one of my all time favorite movies – “2001 : A space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. I like the result, and it seems that Hollywood has some kind of a love affair with John Lautner as his houses feature in many movies.

Be sure to visit Carlos Mazon Website to see more of his work and say Hello! –

Here’s the full size image :


[wpsharely] get-the-files

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