Sheikh Office

We would like to present the set of images we create for our client from Saudi Arabia. A high-end luxury office space on the 14th floor, with a panoramic breathtaking view of the city.

The project consists of many pieces of furniture by Italian brand Giorgetti. Many of them were modelled in the house.

What is interesting, the view outside is real. Made from actual photographs taken at the site.

Olympic Museum Beijing

We were asked to do a couple images of a Museum in Beijing. It is always nice to do a museum, since in most cases the architecture is of those types of buildings is awesome. As in this case. Next to that it was an Olympic museum which makes it even more interesting. Add the whole winter and mountain scenery to that and we can only have fun on this one.

Fjordseeing shelter in Norway

Full project on Behance:

People discovered fire. Fire keeps us safe and warm. Fire helped people to gather into groups, created families and later – countries. It is the origin of modern life. Thanks to fire, communities left caves and became mobile, having more opportunities to discover the world.

Our fjordseeing shelter opens the possibility to enjoy the beauty of Norwegian fjords 24 hours a day. It allows visitors to appreciate outstanding views under any weather conditions and have rest after the exhausting journey.

The shape of the building emerged from the environment of beautiful Scandinavian land, harsh weather and a hearth aimed to handle these circumstances. It is designed to cause minimal interventions to the natural landscapes, carefully merging humanmade and nature-made forms. Inside, one can find all needed supplies for survival and enjoy 360° view.