The Joker & The Thief

B&TB Image of The Month: February

The Joker & The Thief

Yes, we know… already in March but we have had a really busy February.

Nevertheless, we have managed to finish our second Image of The Month.
In this occasion we imagined some kind of semi-deserted facility and 2 suspicious guys… hope it is enough for you to trigger your imagination…
Really proud of our team effort. Hope you enjoy it!


B&TB Team

The Majlis

“The Majlis” has a central role in Arab society, it’s where the elder would sit and discuss important community concerns and make decisions. it’s also could be a private place where guests are received and entertained.

This space is one of other spaces of a full architectural and interior design By Taher Design Studio for a private villa located in ( Nad Al Sheba, Dubai ).

The Fall

B&TB Image of The Month for January : This image represents a milestone for us. We recently took the initiative of crafting one special image per month.


It has to be something not commissioned and inspirational for us. These images are made for the simple pleasure of doing something on our own that let us experiment, explore new paths in whichever the topic is and definitely grow.

It is really hard to accomplish since there is an art direction behind it that sometimes is not fully compatible with our “ever busy” schedule. Nevertheless we remain committed to serve you our monthly dose of Beauties.

Mr or Miss January (as you wish) is called The Fall. We really hope you like this initiative we put so many high hopes in.


B&TB Team