We are finally glad to release our March Image of The Month (remember, our internal project of developing one image a month made exclusively in B&TB, all the design and art direction is made in house).
We felt really struck by some killer images made by Jama Jurabaev time ago and we though of that kind of environment as a nice container for some iconic piece of architecture. The result is Approach.
Sometimes our clients ask us which is the way of achieving a striking and iconic visual. We guess the answer is not being afraid to show the less washed out face of a project.
Thanks for watching.

Cidade das Artes

A personal project that looked kinda endless. But I managed to find some time to wrap it up. I love the architecture of Portzamparc. It also was a good exercise in matte painting.

Competition Entry for Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop Germany

Loomn did this project for the consortium of Zimmer Schmidt Architects, Zuerich and Toshiko Mori Architect NY.
The task was to do an extension for the famous Josef-Albers-Museum in Bottrop, Germany. On the one hand it had
to be visualy and fuctionally connected to the existing buildings and on the other hand there was a strong need to place
it naturally in the surrounding park. This was also the main task we had to achieve with our illustration.

Beautiful Computer Generated Images I. – Giant Simplicity

Beautiful Computer Generated Images is a collection of Seven projects, a collection of seven Manifests, where every piece is an intersection of Technology and Art. It depicts imaginary places, imaginary objects where every element is arranged to create beautiful Composition and where photorealistic simulations are enriched and elevated by Custom color mapping to craft a piece formed by true Art.

Manifests purpose is to show what I truly consider beautiful, what I am passionate about and what I love. Showing passion in CGI, passion in Composition, passion in Simplicity, passion in Light, passion in custom Colors, passion in bending image within a Purpose, passion in adjusting piece with Abstract elements, all elevated by Custom Color Mapping to form something Unseen, something New and very Artistic.

Projects have been developed for eight months, working solely on the projects, between 2016 and 2017 and are periodically released every three weeks. After all seven have been released, there is going to be a book stitching all the pieces together.

Everything is custom made – from scratch – models, materials.
I welcome to watch the first one.

I. Giant Simplicity

Giant Simplicity is an imaginary living space consisting of three spaces where attention is driven by each elements beauty. It depicts Passion in contrast between Giant, yet Simple. Passion in contrast between materials Rose Gold and Marble. Passion in contrast between simple Rectangular shapes and simple Circular shapes. All images make together the whole piece.

The project has been rendered in beautiful Corona rendering engine. Modeling was done in 3Ds Max and sofa in Marvelous Designer, edges deformation with DeformEdges script. Models to download on Behance page. Marble island and bath have both real sub-surface scattering.

Inspiration credits: Chapel Street by Cyarchitects, Menu Design, The Watermark Collection, Jon W. Benedict, Living Divani.

Every image below is as whole crafted using Computer art. It is Imaginary, not Real. Computer Generated Images.