Animating with Forest Pack

iToo Software has released a new episode of their regular Tips & Tricks tutorials. In this 28 minute video they explain how Forest Pack Pro controls animated geometry.

“In this Tips and Tricks episode we answer several questions frequently asked by users about animating with Forest Pack, and explain in detail how to control animation applied to scattered objects. Forest Pack has four unique modes that enable you not only to scatter animated objects with significant memory efficiency, but also randomise their starting frames, create offsets and control playback using maps. We’ll start by looking at the principles of these modes in detail and then apply the techniques to the simple scene shown above. ”

Go ahead and check out the “Animating with Forest Pack Pro” tutorials page now…

The files that come with this series are compatible with 3DS Max 2010 – 2015, V-Ray, Mental Ray, RailClone Pro or Lite, and Forest Pack Pro.

I’ll remind you that these tutorials are made by request, so if you have an issue you would like to see featured, please speak your mind in the comment section below. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.