CTD Visuals and Process Videos by Carlos Mazon

Carlos Mazon posted two impressive images on the forums this week, along with two process videos showing how he takes it from model to final image. This work was done for Wire Collective LTD and designed by Crystalzoo Architecture. Both images were rendered using Blender and Cycles. Check it out!

Carlos about the work :

The time was crucial and the really quick RT preview in Cycles was a big advantage. First image was post-produced in 2.5 hours in Photoshop and the second one in 3 hours, so don’t mind the numerous mistakes. You can see the process in the two videos below

Image One

Image Two

Visit the forum thread and join the discussion – CTD – Images and Time lapse

Be sure to visit Carlos Mazon Website to see more of his work and say Hello! – www.wirecollective.com

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