BEST Visualization of YEAR 2014

I’ve rounded up all of the 52 Weekly Best Visualizations, Selected the best in each month to form the 12 Best Visualizations of 2014 and now I’m happy to announce that the BEST Visualization of YEAR 2014 is “Caribbean Tongue” by Tamas Medve! Far from easy, but it had to be one in the end, and Tamas excelled in each category you choose to explore.

Thank you my forum members for sharing your great work with us all during 2014, and thanks again to Design Connected, VIZPARK and Grant Warwick for sponsoring the awards to the Monthly and Yearly Best and congratulations to Tamas Medve for wining Best of YEAR 2014 with a remarkable 3d photographic visual of summer life by the water!

I’m looking forward seeing all of your works posted on the forum during 2014.

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Initial concept sketch made for this work during the Evermotion competition Tamas participated in :

best-of-week-47-2014-Tamas Medve-01a

Full 3d, in case you wondered…

best-of-week-47-2014-Tamas Medve-01b

And a breakdown video by Tamas :

Visit the original forum thread – Caribbean Tongue

Big thanks to my sponsors for providing the gifts to the monthly best artists 😉

Each of the 12 will get a 100 Euro Voucher to spend on great looking 3D furniture models by Design Connected + 100 Euro Voucher to spend on textures, models or scripts by VIZPARK. Next up is the BEST of YEAR which will get extra 500 Euro Voucher for Design Connected + VIZPARK’s Complete Bundle valued at 399 Euro + Grant Warwick’s Mastering CGI Courses, Including the upcoming 2 new ones!

About Grant Warwick

Grant Warwick is an Australian CGI Artist & Boxer Supreme living in Sydney and you all know him by now! He stormed into to the CGI training scene this year with his Mastering V-Ray Course gaining a lot of attention by CGI artists and studios, as well as ArchVIZ artists with V-Ray being the most popular render engine among them. The course primarily consists of Professionals in the Architectural Visualization industry and currently has over 140 studios subscribed. Grant brings in a vast knowledge gained during his work in the CG / VFX industry at studios like Fuel International, Light Farm in New Zealand and lastly at Cream Studios, where his training business started to take shape and evolved into Mastering V-Ray which covers everything from the bare basics to advanced topics.

FYI – Grant released today his new Mastering Lighting course!

About Designconnected

Design Connected mission is to make your interior designing and presentation process easier and tight connected with the latest 3d technologies. It’s aim is to deliver the best quality digital content for all the interior design professionals. Starting from all the design classics, going through the most iconic modern design furniture and ending with the latest design arrivals at the furniture fair stands It connect’s you with the only digital library that is dedicated to interior design. Design Connected models are being used by many of this blog followers, and you can see their work being featured on DC’s gallery section. Most of Design Connected models come supporting 3dsmax Scanline, VRay & Mental Ray as well as SketchUP, Artlantis, OBJ and a great FBX format that I have discovered work perfect straight out of the box in real-time too.


VIZPARK was founded by Martin Jann in Berlin / Germany in June 2011. He worked as 3d artist for architecture, feature film and advertising with a strong focus on plants, environment and lighting / rendering. Many, but not all of the products at VIZPARK are created by him. He’s working closely with developers and artists around the world, including UNITED KINGDOM, USA, CHINA, ISRAEL and INDIA. If you are interested in working for VIZPARK, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with Martin.

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