BEST Visualization of YEAR 2013

I’ve rounded up all of the 52 Weekly Best Visualizations, Selected the best in each month to form the 12 Best Visualizations of 2013 and now I’m happy to announce that the BEST Visualization of YEAR 2013 is “La Maison de Verre” by Bertrand Benoit! It was far from easy to make the final call but in the end there could be only one, and Bertrand excelled in each category you choose to explore.

Thank you my forum members for sharing your great work with us all during 2013, and thanks again to DesignConnected for sponsoring the awards to the Monthly and Yearly Best and congratulations to Bertrand Benoit for wining Best of YEAR 2013 with a remarkable 3d photographic remake of an architectural gem by architect Pierre Chareau that is the “La Maison de Verre”.

I’m looking forward seeing all of your works posted on the forum during 2014.

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Bertrand used his usual 3dsmax + V-Ray combo on this one with the help of RailClone 2 for the Rubber Floor Tiles and Mighty Tiles to make a herringbone glazed brick floor. HDRI’s by Peter Guthrie and CGSkies were used to light the scenes.

Read more about this project on Bertrand’s Blog.
Visit this post – La Maison de Verre by Bertrand Benoit to watch 2 videos about the house.

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  1. robindejongh
    robindejongh says:

    It’s noticeable this year (2013) that we have reached some sort of
    nirvana in terms of realism in architectural visualization. These images
    here are to my mind indistinguishable from the real thing, and I guess a
    collusion of factors has brought this about in 2013: Quad core CPUs and
    Graphics processor (GPU) accelerated rendering; steps forward in the
    accessibility of true photo-real quality assets (which is in part to do
    with the rise of the DSLR); High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) image based
    lighting becoming well supported, available and commonplace; and Vray’s
    domination allowing for an emerging standard in rendering which I
    suppose has allowed vRay and the vRay community to come on in leaps and
    bounds. The fact that we have reached this stage raises a question for
    me: Is realism the true goal in Arch-Viz, or a related but subtly
    different factor — suspension of disbelief?

    Well done to all those shortlisted!

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