Walking City by Universal Everything

While browsing the net for information about parametric architecture modeling, I stumbled upon this mesmerizing video today I want to share with you all. In ‘Walking City’ you’ll see a computer generated figure constantly in motion end evolving through an array of architectural forms. Matt Pyke of Universal Everything multimedia studio directed this piece, referencing the utopian visions of the 1960’s architecture practice Archigram. It’s not short so try to stick with it to the end. All that you’ll see was done with Houdini. Enjoy!

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I first came to know Cristóbal Vila seeing his remarkable Fallingwater remake animation. He used modo to model it at that time, which was very interesting to see, and this time he strikes again with yet another remarkable piece of work titled ‘LUX AETERNA’. He uses modo and Cinema4D for this one and plans to share more information about how he made it all. Enjoy!

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Memorial by Efim Armand

Efim Armand, the maker of NYC TAXI comes back with yet another remarkable personal project… a 3d recreation of the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe at Berlin that was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold. Efim scattered most elements in this scene using iToo’s Forest Pro plugin in a different approach he might elaborate about in a following article. Enjoy the animation and the stills on his site.

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Lumion 2011 Competition Winners

The results of the 2011 Lumion Competition were announced today, an boy what amazing things can be done with this tool! It really makes me rethink the way I work today, and I have a lot to learn about it (and look forward too). I think the movie that came out in third place is the best among them all… maybe it’s the strong architectural design that fits my taste so precisely.

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‘The House’ by Alex York

A companion set of images to the making-of ‘The House’ article by Alex York. You will find here the full set of still images and the video too. Unlike the latest, and now annoying, trend of jazzing everything up with animating the scene buildup, adding light streaks, paths and other motion graphics to the mix… This is one of the better Architectural Explanatory Animation I’ve seen for a long time. Nothing fancy about the camera movements and yet it’s not the boring walk-through too. This animation was intended to allow the Client to understand the house in great detail and also the relations between the various spaces – the circulation among them.

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