Walking City by Universal Everything

While browsing the net for information about parametric architecture modeling, I stumbled upon this mesmerizing video today I want to share with you all. In ‘Walking City’ you’ll see a computer generated figure constantly in motion end evolving through an array of architectural forms. Matt Pyke of Universal Everything multimedia studio directed this piece, referencing the utopian visions of the 1960’s architecture practice Archigram. It’s not short so try to stick with it to the end. All that you’ll see was done with Houdini. Enjoy!


Created by Universal Everything

Creative Director : Matt Pyke
Animation : Chris Perry
Sound : Simon Pyke

Read more about this project at Walking City / Architecture + Evolution + Movement.

Here are some frames from the video…

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  1. ludnid
    ludnid says:

    Thanks Ronen. this is really great and quite creative. Wish sketchup will develop this type of modelling/design feature. Is it just my eye or has anyone noticed the illusion? The character seems to slow down the moment he becomes “blob  shaped” :))

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