Lumion 2011 Competition Winners

The results of the 2011 Lumion Competition were announced today, an boy what amazing things can be done with this tool! It really makes me rethink the way I work today, and I have a lot to learn about it (and look forward too). I think the movie that came out in third place is the best among them all… maybe it’s the strong architectural design that fits my taste so precisely.

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‘The House’ by Alex York

A companion set of images to the making-of ‘The House’ article by Alex York. You will find here the full set of still images and the video too. Unlike the latest, and now annoying, trend of jazzing everything up with animating the scene buildup, adding light streaks, paths and other motion graphics to the mix… This is one of the better Architectural Explanatory Animation I’ve seen for a long time. Nothing fancy about the camera movements and yet it’s not the boring walk-through too. This animation was intended to allow the Client to understand the house in great detail and also the relations between the various spaces – the circulation among them.

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Marina Nessebar by REDVERTEX

A wonderful animation of Marina Nessebar by REDVERTEX. I’m a big fun of their work and this animation is probably the best I’ve seen coming from them.

Even so, the excessive use of DOF shift becomes really boring midway into the spot. The 2d people treatment is really clever and far better then using 3d people, but should have been introduced earlier in the animation…

And you got to love that Italian song setting the mood for it all!

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