3D Garden Animation like NO Other!

Take a look at the latest short animation by Marek Denko and after that please try to convince me he isn’t an Extraterrestrial hiding among us normal Homo sapiens. That is the best looking and totally realistic 3d garden I’ve ever seen to date! and showcased in a very cool way too. Way to go Marek!

Check out the viewport shot down below…

Marek created this animation as a promotional clip for noemotion.net and made the grass/bushes/trees from scratch using 3dsmax + V-Ray for this job. Read more about it on his website – Get the real CGI

  • Yep, this one blew my socks off! Really nailed the complex specular nature of the grass! That and the attention paid to imperfection really kick it into reality! Love it!

  • simple but very realistic work – bravo Marek

  • More animation plsss 🙂 Impressive real footages.

  • Ask him to do a “making of” for us Ronen!

    • Yes! We want a making of! 🙂

  • Phil2AI

    OMG i thought it was a photo when i saw the picture O_O’

    Simply brilliant !!

  • this is sooo great. Bravo Marek.

  • Hey Marek congratulations.
    Slovakia rocks 😀

  • Marcio


    This is just…. speechless.

    What engine he uses to render?

    MUST have a making of!

    • he used…vray and 3dsMax… I just don’t know how! :’)

  • Alessandro

    Sorry Ronen, like no other is somewhat exaggerated. Check here: http://www.evermotion.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=84921&highlight=animation. Some time before, I had already done work in the same style, without the same visibility of Marek Denko, of course.

    Sorry again

    • Javier Pintor

      I don’t think Ronen exaggerates, Is the most realistic greenery I have seen so far, I expect nothing less from Marek Denko.

    • I still think there is no other 3d garden animation like this one 😉

  • Im sorry alessando but you can´t compare your animation with Denko´s one just because there is some camera noise involved. The complexity of Denko´s scene and post production is totally different than your living room with 1 tv and 1 plant. Also M.Denko is M. Denko and we all know what he is capable of. Probably the most skilled artist in so many dif fields, more than Alex Roman. Its impossible to compare unless you´re joking ofc.

  • Alessandro

    I am not referring to the quality and overall model, because for me are great. I am referring to the method (animation) and reaffirming that it is not new. When I made the animation of the link above, I rely on a technique explored in the film “Surf’s up”, where use this style of shooting like a Handcam.

  • I definitely agree that I haven’t seen any more convincing greenery to date. The still is ok, but it is the animation that really does it for me. The combination of insanely detailed modeling, down to the the slightest imperfections, and handheld camera.

  • Marcio

    Does anyone know how he could achieve this such realistic atmosphere look in terms of sun burning and colours?

    It’s quite hard for me to explain but when you see a real photo and this cgi you can’t really see the difference between how the ‘real’ sun works and how he achieve to do that.

    So, it’s any particular software for post production to achieve that?

  • Mindblowing stuff….i ve been watching this piece of work since it first came out on Maxarea…and i still dont have enough of it.
    It would be interesting to see how many individual pieces of original grazing objects he has used.
    I am quite persuaded he hasnt used any scattering either as he doesnt mention it among the list of used programs.
    Hes getting better and better…wonder where his limits are and how come ha manages to do these things among all the work he does for various studios 🙂

  • What I REALLY want to know is HOW DID HE GET THAT CAMERA MOVEMENT?? Is it pre tracked movement or did he manually do that using a free_cam?

  • Monad

    very nice only critique is that my REAL garden beats that any day!! 😛

    Real cool stuff takes a lot of dedication and patience! 🙂

    This kind of stuff lets us all know what we can do too!

  • itechlance11

    Wah! Very nice video. Very hard work you done.

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