Creating Realistic Grass

CGWorkshop training published a new video tutorial about realistic grass creation in 3ds max using VRay displacement and the Advanced Painter Script. This video is the first of the environment creation series and you also get the base scene model so you can follow along.

The creation process goes from making the actual deformed mesh that the grass will be displaced on and then painting actual mesh strands using the Advanced Painter script.

You will need to register to CGWorkshop website before you can see the video, that is why I do not directly link you to it.

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      • simonhc
        simonhc says:

        Please try the FF or googlechrom. Should work nice. I will upload all tutorials on vimeo soon. Thank you Ronen for this great post.


  1. dub73
    dub73 says:

    I am logged in and still can not click the link. All the links below ENVIRONMENT PART 1 are working. When I click on “read more” I get to a new page. Strange.

    But, when I search for ENVIRONMENT PART 1 on the side I get to right page. Or just click on Tutorials on the upper right side. It is working as well. Cool

    here the direct link form the beginning of the Tutorial:

    Thanks a lot !!

  2. gerrard sanders
    gerrard sanders says:

    I thought of many people around me used this technique, therefore I wrote that is old. I am surprised he will not mention.

    • simonhc
      simonhc says:

      Hi MOMA!
      Working perfectly fine here. Try with some other browser or update your current. Bit patience my friend, its a new site and I am working on it to be more friendly for all of us.

  3. MoMA
    MoMA says:

    Hi Simonhc,
    Glad to see you represented here!
    My browser FF can not load the video but if we change for Google chrome it works!!!!

    Thanks my friend !!!
    The first picture in the tutorial is awesome and i like the mood
    and the project!

  4. Javier Pintor
    Javier Pintor says:

    When I hit the video, it get stuck at the first few seconds, then I moved the video player slider back and forth and problem solved, tutorial run smooth, I hope this may help someone.

    BTW I really enjoyed it, Great job Pawel!

  5. simonhc
    simonhc says:

    Thanks guys. I will check on our admin about that video. I have played it few seconds ago and there was no problems. Anyway please report when more errors will occur. That’s very valuable feedback for future tutorials.

  6. pantarei
    pantarei says:

    I can´t see any of the videos. the screen is still. I press play button but nothing happens

  7. AlexanderDimitrov
    AlexanderDimitrov says:

    I’ve registered on CGWorkshop site. But how cal I log here to watch this tutorial???

  8. Zules
    Zules says:

    Hello ! Any possibility to find this video ? I’m registered on cgworkshop, but can’t find anything… Thank you ! 

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