Balmain House / Carter Williamson Architects

I love this house design by Carter Williamson Architects and the photos by Brett Boardman too. Both day and dusk rear facade photos are great and showcase how the lighting works in such a scenario very well. You can also see the dining area as a day/dusk duo, and there are many other things to pick up from this one.

Photography by Brett Boardman

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  1. glimpse
    glimpse says:

    mm, interesting.

    Just a thought. Do these facade plates have other than visual purpose??? What i meant was is it a shading system to prevent house from overheating from direct light in summer time.

    White interior shot is nice and as You mention dusk looks really cozy =)

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      I think those plates double as a design element and shading system too. They could have gone for the usual louvers that you open and close as needed… but this way is so much nicer on the eye and better since you get the open feel without the direct sun in your eyes.

      In the set they took mostly late day type of photos to get the opposite effect actually – to see the shadow lines inside to enhance the effect of the plats… shooting it when doing the job right would have been boring in the shade 🙂

      I would do the same thing in a rendering job, which is interesting since we showcase the plates while “not doing the job” – it just looks better that way.

  2. Marc
    Marc says:

    Ronen, I totally agree with you…

    I think architecture is very light, taking advantage of openings, for light to get a very important role.
    The interiors very well resolved, and invited to make a 3D representation to study the behavior of light.

  3. San
    San says:

    Thanks for clearing.. I forgot to look at the category.. Well great photos indeed.. I goona make this house in 3D 🙂 I love it 🙂

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