‘The House’ by Alex York

A companion set of images to the making-of ‘The House’ article by Alex York. You will find here the full set of still images and the video too. Unlike the latest, and now annoying, trend of jazzing everything up with animating the scene buildup, adding light streaks, paths and other motion graphics to the mix… This is one of the better Architectural Explanatory Animation I’ve seen for a long time. Nothing fancy about the camera movements and yet it’s not the boring walk-through too. This animation was intended to allow the Client to understand the house in great detail and also the relations between the various spaces – the circulation among them.

Here’s the Video…

And a selection of still images too…

You can see these on Atelier York website too – Focus Projects : The House

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  1. nomeradona
    nomeradona says:

    @ronenbekerman very nice one, very professionally written, by the way nice interview with lumenrt

  2. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    @sdviz I think that even for a personal project I did not see someone produce so many images. Having a Client to back you up like this is nothing short of amazing!

    Any one else ever had such a work experience?

  3. LiliNguyen
    LiliNguyen says:

    I love the movement of the camera, however, it is the big house, but it seems to be having too many narrow pathway. The quality of scenes is amazing. The sun and light is spectacular. The glass partition is right on the money. Thanks for sharing your amazing work!!! I am looking for more to come 😀 Thanks Alex.

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