Louis Kahn’s Esherick House by Ludvik Koutny

Ludvík Koutný showcases a remarkable set of renders, recreating Louis Kahn’s Esherick House in 3D using Mental Ray as his render engine. We don’t see too many Architectural Visualizations that good done with Mental Ray… And this house design by Louis Kahn is new too me so I’m grateful for it for this reason too.

Check out the original post on Ludvík’s personal blog – Esherick House by L. Kahn

Go ahead and add your feedback and questions down below. Would be interesting to get more insight about how this scene was made. More insight about this scene is available in the Making of Articles – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.

Link to the real house images as seen on Dezeen – Esherick House by Louis Kahn

It can also be seen on archdaily at – AD Classics: Esherick House / Louis Kahn posted on January 30, 2012.

  • I especially like the last frontal dusk image with lights inside and the Interiors have such a photographic feel to them it is remarkable.

    About the exterior foliage… although in general it is very well done – the grass is a bit repetitive and needs more variations… but this is nitpicking!

    Great work rawalanche

  • I wonder how much memory did this scene use at render time… peak value?

  • Very nice renderings!! I’m agree with Ronen about the grass, maybe is also too thick.. Anyway I really like these images!

  • jpintor

    Amazing work, some minor things could have taken a little more care but overall is fantastic. I specially love the greenery in most of the shots, reminds me a lot to the renderings of Alessandro Prodan.

  • rawalanche

    Memory peak was 10GB

  • rawalanche

    Memory peak was about 10GB, i never hidden any objects that were out of camera frame. I wanted to create whole place, and then virtually walk around, and take pictures 🙂

  • paulpriv

    Can we get a rare “making-of” for us metal ray users? fantastic renders and a great blog, thanks to each of you!

  • StephenInglis

    The renders were awesome but the best part for me was the little animal checking out the camera as he was scaling the tree. He obviously has a sense of humour 🙂

  • ThomasGruender

    very impressive!!can you give us a small howto? i’m working with mr for more than ten years, now i want to switch over to vray because of its detailed renderings, but when i look at your work i hold off. how much is rendering, how much is post? thx from berlin

    • @ThomasGruender There is going to be a BIG HOW TO on this project coming up very soon 😉

  • alexyork3d

    Lovely work indeed! Very, very nice. And great to see a fellow Mental-head.

  • Ludvik’s render is being featured on archdaily as a photo… no better complement than that, right? I sent them a message about it, so the credit is done right.

  • Ikahnpaul

    I recently purchased Esherick House and Ludvik’s remarkable work fooled my interior designer into thinking that there was once paneling on the bedroom wall! I also loved seeing a fire in the living room fireplace as I don’t think it’s been used for many years. Great job!