Lumion 2011 Competition Winners

The results of the 2011 Lumion Competition were announced today, an boy what amazing things can be done with this tool! It really makes me rethink the way I work today, and I have a lot to learn about it (and look forward too). I think the movie that came out in third place is the best among them all… maybe it’s the strong architectural design that fits my taste so precisely.

I find it more fitting that first and third places focused on a single project, rather then doing a reel style movie as the second place… but this is just me and my personal taste. Check the Lumion 2011 Competition Winners Announcement Page for full write-up about the winners and the reasones why they were picked, and a selection of many other honorable mention entries.

Please have a good long look at these and share your thoughts about it in the comment section below – I think we might have come over a hill (with the marriage of software and hardware) and workflows will start to change.

First Place

Garrett Wegner

Here are some stills from the animation…

Fullscreen capture 08112011 194644

Fullscreen capture 08112011 194836

Fullscreen capture 08112011 194921

Second Place

Realidad Visual Arquitectónica s.l.

Third Place

RenderCORE Studios

Here are some stills from the animation…

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195134

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195220

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195258

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195307

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195341

Fullscreen capture 08112011 195400

Now excuse me while I go to Lumion a bit!

[edited – November 13, 2011]

I went over all the other animation uploaded to the competition mix online and I found the GH HOUSE featured in Pavel Huerta‘s entry – How cool is that!!!

He build a massive landscape around the house, and his animation has some remarkable shots… check it out now 😉

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  1. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Ok, so water looks amazing in Lumion! and the third place reminds me a lot of GH House and also Bertrand’s location in the Challenge – on the cliffs edge with the lake / sea sown below.

    I also notice a very smart use of the material emitter feature – although it is not an actual light, the added effects on it make it look like it is and it comes out very nice…

  2. Rendell
    Rendell says:

    I have to agree – Third place RenderCore studios shows more Balance between Architecture and the Environment – with both interacting with each other. There’s a some sort of presence happening there.

    First place is great – and big props to Garrett – nice score dude!

  3. RossMillaney
    RossMillaney says:

    Third place is great, Ronen, any chance you could contact one of these guys for an insight please? Lumion is looking very promising suddenly, especially in terms of filling in that space between sketchup/revit screen grab and final post-processed image. I’d love to hear more about learning curve/workflow/tips etc.

  4. SimoneCarratù
    SimoneCarratù says:


    i think lumion is one of the simpliest software i’ve ever seen, a part from the material manager, you cannot move texture as far as i know..

    Do you think these videos are post processed in AE?

  5. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    What do you refer to by moving texture – is to changing the tiling on the surface? if so – you can do that.

    As for the videos being post processed in AE – I don’t think so… Lumion has pretty good After Effects collection 😉 but why guess… I’m already in talks with the RenderCORE team about their animation and hope to share more insight very soon 😉

  6. SimoneCarratù
    SimoneCarratù says:

    … ops, i’m wrong?, i remember to have difficulties in moving textures, baybe depends on how i’ve imported the model.. 😉

  7. ludnid
    ludnid says:

    I’m over impressed with the images and anime’s. You know, i had an inkling this gpu render progrma would actually break some grounds in archviz. Looking at the third image makes me agree with Ronen as i initially thought “OMG, Bertrand entered this too, lol. All in all nice. COngrats to the winners, and great release from the creators. “Lumioning as we speak…lol”

  8. NiglFool
    NiglFool says:

    The third place seems to display the relationship between ?human landscape and natural landscape.

  9. PavelHuerta
    PavelHuerta says:

    Woooow… After long time ago I’m noticed I was featured on this site… Nice to know and for the mention are a honor

  10. PavelHuerta
    PavelHuerta says:

    ronenbekerman  thanks for the mention… I just was noticed… hehehehe… sorry for the late response…

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