THE BRINK / From Matte Painting To Animation by Romuald Chaigneau

Romuald Chaigneau traveled back in time, to the days he played Final Fantasy 9, by creating THE BRINK. A matte painting turned into animation inspired by the game that he posted on the forums today. The result of this personal improvement project is captivating and it is very interesting to see what went on behind the scenes in the breakdown video provided. Cool Stuff!

Romuald about the work :

This is a tribute to the fantastic video game Final Fantasy 9, the best game of my childhood, and that made me want to work in the world of computer graphics. It’s been awhile that I wanted realize picture in the mood of Final Fantasy 9.

In the middle of production, I discovered a project “Exploration // Exploitation” of Perdro Fernandes, an artist that I really appreciate. It has managed to create an animation from his matte painting. From that moment, I told myself I had to do the same with my project. A challenge I’ve never raised.

For the boat, I was inspired by the artist Ian McQue, which achieves excellent illustrations.

I used 3DsMax, ZBrush, V-Ray, Photoshop, PhoenixFD, After Effects and Premiere.

Detail Crop’s

VFX BreakDown

Be sure to visit Romuald Chaigneau forum thread about THE BRINK and his Behance Portfolio –

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  1. rombout
    rombout says:

    Could you tell us more about the technique. Is it 3d mesh in After Effects with camera projection? Im curious how you can achieve the same effect from photoshop in a moving anim in after effects

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