Memorial by Efim Armand

Efim Armand, the maker of NYC TAXI comes back with yet another remarkable personal project… a 3d recreation of the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe at Berlin that was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold. Efim scattered most elements in this scene using iToo’s Forest Pro plugin in a different approach he might elaborate about in a following article. Enjoy the animation and the stills on his site.

Here are some stills too… and visit his Memorial page on his site too.

  • kodissimo

    Fabulous! I really love it! Congratulations!

    • kodissimo It is pretty remarkable and intense memorial and I like the animation feel efim went for…

      • kodissimo

        ronenbekerman exactly Ronen! You just described what i’m thinking about this animation. I love how Efim connected vision with music. Somehow it has reminded me the feeling which i had by watching The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman.

        • kodissimo It does have similarities. I really should visit Berlin soon… too much to see that I haven’t yet! 

  • Frika

    looks real good at all, music match also. The dirt-material on the edges are a bit overdone for my taste.

  • anwar522

    Seriously Speaking so intense Made Me Cry  .. Amazing Work . We should have a Making of This one ronenbekerman  do it soon 🙂 

    • anwar522 True, and it is already in the editing room! 😉 thanks to super fast Efim.

  • Very nice EFIM!

  • nnamdiakubuiro

    Brillant work Efim,

  • ck_1138

    Your work is great. Some of the post is a little heavy for me but that is just a matter of taste. I think the subject matter is very interesting. I love seeing visualization used in other contexts.

  • CarlosUrtecho

    Beautiful piece of work…. congrats, the song its sad as the reason of this project… very nice work…