Corona Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit seems to have more and more fun with Corona. After uploading a few full V-Ray scenes to his warehouse, seeing a full Corona interior scene up there seemed like the next logical thing, and indeed – The Corona Loft is up their for grabs. As Bertrand puts it – “It’s a full, high-quality, ready-to-render industrial loft scene. Use it for fun, learning, for commercial projects, or to plunder and cannibalize for your own Corona projects”. Just pay attention to the fact it is a heavy and demanding scene.

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THE BRINK / From Matte Painting To Animation by Romuald Chaigneau

Romuald Chaigneau traveled back in time, to the days he played Final Fantasy 9, by creating THE BRINK. A matte painting turned into animation inspired by the game that he posted on the forums today. The result of this personal improvement project is captivating and it is very interesting to see what went on behind the scenes in the breakdown video provided. Cool Stuff!

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Teaser : Making of Koncept by Pikcells – Post Production Breakdown

I’m trying something new here. A making-of Pikcells Best of Week 10/2105 project is in the making and Richard Benson sent me this great breakdown video I’d like to share with you all right away. The article is scheduled for next week, but seeing this you might have questions I would love to slide in as we prep it all up.

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best-of-week-47-2014-Tamas Medve

BEST Visualization of YEAR 2014

I’ve rounded up all of the 52 Weekly Best Visualizations, Selected the best in each month to form the 12 Best Visualizations of 2014 and now I’m happy to announce that the BEST Visualization of YEAR 2014 is “Caribbean Tongue” by Tamas Medve! Far from easy, but it had to be one in the end, and Tamas excelled in each category you choose to explore.

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