Corona Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit seems to have more and more fun with Corona. After uploading a few full V-Ray scenes to his warehouse, seeing a full Corona interior scene up there seemed like the next logical thing, and indeed – The Corona Loft is up their for grabs. As Bertrand puts it – “It’s a full, high-quality, ready-to-render industrial loft scene. Use it for fun, learning, for commercial projects, or to plunder and cannibalize for your own Corona projects”. Just pay attention to the fact it is a heavy and demanding scene.

More from Bertrand :

The scene includes existing V-Ray assets converted for use in Corona Renderer (such as the Luis Sofa and this vintage sideboard), as well exclusive models that are not (yet) available as standalone. These include a handsome Gio Ponti armchair, an elegant concrete kitchen, and a modern metal sideboard. Another exclusive highlight is the string shelf that was a lot of fun to make.

Get the scene on TurboSquid

Here are Bertrand’s images that he made in this set. Post-worked versions.

These are the Raw ones.

And Wires 😉

Check out Bertrand’s forum thread too – Warm Corona Greys

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  1. ExposeAcademy
    ExposeAcademy says:

    I also used Corona for 3ds Max since it was out. It’s a great rendering engine. I can almost achieve the 3D raw, but Bertrand’s post work is way superior than mine ha ha ha. Still figuring out how in the world he can achieve those natural photorealistic color in photoshop. Hmmm…..

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