Graticule House 3D Recreation by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit posted on the forums a masterful recreation of a house designed by David Jameson Architects – the Graticule House (see the original Graticule House it in the inspiration section). Intended as a scene to test GrowFX trees (all of them are) and as a place to showcase Bertrand’s many great furniture models. Funny how he mentions “…I could never get it quite finished…”. I wish I can “never finish” projects this way!

Feel free to bombard Bertrand with your questions on this one… and check the full set of Graticule House renders on flickr.

Visit Bertrands’s original forum thread at – Graticule House, and his own blog post too.

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      • BBB3
        BBB3 says:

        I have, actually. I love it and so do my daughters. Haven’t tried to re-import the models into Max yet, though. One other thing I’m getting excited about today is the news that Exlevel has put out a free tree library for GrowFX. It will be a nice way to get started on new trees. @ronenbekerman

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