House M Visualization by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand posted two new personal visualization projects he recently finished at the forums. This one is House M by Titus Bernhard Architekten were he make intensive use of the new BRIX plugin (You can learn more about it here). Amazing work yet again!

Here are some of Bertrand’s images that he made in this set. You can see all of them in his flickr set for this.

Don’t forget to visit Bertrand’s blog too and…

Visit the project page on the architects website for more info including real photos and drawings. There is also a post about this house on archdaily.

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  1. dubgroop
    dubgroop says:

    The owner of this house threaded me to sue me due to copyright infringement. I visualized this house as well and had one image on my personal website. Currently they look for everyone who is using images/illustrations/renderings of his house. You guys might be lucky because you are not in Germany. I can not show my 8 images of this house I have done :/ I never had this trouble before. It might be a new area in Germany.

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