Twinmotion Contest / Architectural Limits

Twinmotion contest is set to go today! Organized by KA-RA, you will take this real-time design & visualization tool for a spin. They have also launched a new update and trial, so you can use the latest and most stable version. Make sure you check out the Twinmotion contest page for the full information that will be published later today.

You will find Zoran Gorski (Kizo) and yours truly among the Jury Panel for this event that is also sponsored by Dell, NVidia and AMD providing the prizes. Kizo also made the great preview image you see above based on his HOVER project. Check out Twinmotion 2 in action by Kizo to see more.

Here’s what Raphael Pierrat, CEO of KA-RA, has to say about the contest…

Thinking, design, fantasy, fun … There are many words to express creativity. We have designed this event as a gathering of artists, architects, urban planners, designers and broadly speaking, those who around the world create to share ideas, emotions. From the most spectacular to the minimalist projects, from the intellectual ones to the formal ones, what is important is to create an emotion, a shiver. Let your imagination free, let it extend and in turn let it generate new forms of thought, design, fantasy and fun. Be critical, courageous and rebellious ! Good luck to all.


First Place – Twinmotion Full License + Dell Precision M4600


Second Place – Twinmotion Full License + NVidia Quadro 5000 Graphics Card


Third Place – Twinmotion Full License + ATI FirePro V5800 Graphics Card


For further information on the contest please visit the Twinmotion contest page.

  • Alberto

    so fck+++ amazing!
    heads gonna roll! hahaha 😉

  • Wow ! Initially not convinced by Twinmotion, the prizes might convince me ! 😉

  • loth3d

    awesome 😛
    I would love to be second winner…
    Time to roll up the sleeves

  • flashonja

    Too bad the software is just for PCs:)

    • San

      U want it for xbox too? 😛 haha

  • tom

    This is Going to Be Wild!!! I like the Idea that it’s not CG skills only to be judged, thought it could be tough for some good viz artist to prove fruitfull in overall ranking. But I think TweenMotion is aiming for architects crowd rather than viz addicts.

    Thinks it’s going to be really interesting – it way different that has ever been in the skies of CG society. And the Judges are Great!

    Best wishes for all contestants! Itsnt not going to be easy!


  • Oh, this does sound good! After reading the brief I’m really liking the direction this is pointing! Might be worth giving Twinmotion a run!