The Rendering Killer / Vegetation

Say hello to Twinmotion 2 – The Rendering Killer! A soon to be released visualization solution that aims to make traditional rendering for architectural visualization obsolete. To help you all understand what it is all about prior to launch, the Twinmotion team made some teaser videos about the main aspects of the software. Here is video two – Vegetation. Enjoy.

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    looks very interesting from a designers perspective. We need some more info though, is it based on a game engine (the rt reminds me of some of the cry engine stuff)

  2. John Szot
    John Szot says:

    def a real-time thing; probably a modified game engine (or the likes); problem is: the thing still looks like a cartoon – architectural clients can be very exacting – we need a realtime solution that really understands LIGHT… this video doesn’t seem to demonstrate that in this product…

  3. Ross
    Ross says:

    I agree but what you’re really talking about is the grail there.

    I’m an architect and I can certainly see this filling the void between sketchup and Maxwell. It would be very handy for feasability studies and presentations in that it is quick and interactive. I defiantely can see room for it in the market.

    • ralfy
      ralfy says:

      I think we must compare this with future silex3d from Quest3d. I’m a fan of Quest3d and I think it will be a competitive software – dedicated for architects.

  4. Remko
    Remko says:

    With Lumion we never intended to replace VRay but for all cases when you don’t need a 100% ray traced solution it is very beautiful.

    You’ll lose some realism but the increased speed opens up an entire gamut of new options. Even though we developed Lumion as a movie making tool in v1.0 we already have many customers using Lumion for live presentations. They simply fire up the editor while sitting with a customer to give them impressions of design.

    The future for us is to boost realism to get closer to VRay renders but there’s also a lot we can do in entirely different directions. Think about things like traffic, interaction and many other things. There is just so much you can do once everything is realtime!

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