The Rendering Killer / Environment

Say hello to Twinmotion 2 – The Rendering Killer! A soon to be released visualization solution that aims to make traditional rendering for architectural visualization obsolete. To help you all understand what it is all about prior to launch, the Twinmotion team made some teaser videos about the main aspects of the software. Here is video one – Environment. Enjoy.

  • Tora_2097

    I think calling “the rendering killer” was not a very good idea. It might take a fraction of a second for a frame, but it still looks worse than my average PS3 game.
    It looks rather poor to be honest. It’s probably showing just a fraction of the possibilities, but I know that our clients would not be happy with a quality like this.


    • Might be to early in the day killing renders… but this type of solution taps in the most desirable thing of all – transforming the rendering process from just being a presentation tool to an actual design exploration tool.

      Response speed is most important for that to happen. I can relate to what you say about the quality of the visual, but I don’t think of this as a marketing render creation replacement.

      I do hope that the advance of GPU technology and all the “RT” versions for the various render engine being in development now will converge towards the functionality of what Twinmotion 2 seems to be able to do.

      It is just a matter of time.

  • beestee

    How many hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of development are spent making those PS3 games that you are comparing this to?

    I have seen worse work come out of every rendering engine available today, and in my opinion what these guys have shown of Twinmotion 2 is above average. Top tier for stills? Not really, but that doesn’t mean that the engine is not capable of that level of quality when in the hands of the right artists.

    Either way, it is still to be seen if TM2 can live up to it’s “rendering killer” moniker, and from what they have shown over the past few weeks does spark the idea that it possibly could.